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* Utilized in our AI and ET Programs as well as Nat'l Service *
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Below, we're featuring the Bull Sires that we are utilizing in our AI & ET Programs, as well as for Natural Service. Simply; we try and select top genetics from the two breeds, ( BM & AN ), with histories of specific traits that we believe will continue to improve the quality of our herd for some years to come. We are constantly focused on Quality over Quantity in our breeding plan.

E.T. Bulls


Logan 62M27, #C883222. Beefmaster Bull from Collier Farms - Logan is a dark red, mottle underlined bull, out of some of Beefmaster's best. Born 12/13/02, we have been able to utilize
Logan in our ET program and we're excited about his progeny.
Performance: 205: ww 697, 365: yw 1,079, Yearling Scrotal: 36 cm .. ( #C883222 " click to view pedigree " )

Logan 62M27 #C883222
( "click image to enlarge" )

( Quasar #C811785 x Jezabelle #C801257 )

Prodigy L2 - 161/13, #C1030775. Beefmaster Bull from the L2 Ranch - Prodigy allows us the opportunity to utilize genetics from the L2 Ranch Program, known for their top herd sires. Born 04/30/13, we have been able to utilize Prodigy in our ET program and we're excited about his progeny.
Performance: 205: ww 659, 365: yw 1,059, Yearling Scrotal: 35 cm .. ( #C1030775 " click to view pedigree " )

Prodigy L2 161/13 #C1030775
( "click image to enlarge" )

( Sugar Jack #C994207 x Sweet Beauty #C995917 )

A.I. Bulls

Gar Prophet
Gar Prophet - (Reg. No: 16295688),
( "click image to enlarge" )

C R A Bextor 872 5205 608 x G A R Objective 1885 )

G.A.R. Prophet ( Reg. No: 16295688, Calved: 8/15/2008 )

From the Gardiner Angus Ranch -  Prophet takes performance to new levels with an incredible birth to growth spread - and we are fortunate enough to be able to utilize these genetics in our A.I. Program and look forward to his F1 offspring.

His dam is one of the thickest Objective daughters ever and when mated to Bextor, created one of the most sought-after Angus bulls in the business. Prophet sires docile cattle that are born small and grow like crazy and they’re consistently high for marbling.

Reg No: 16295688 ( " click to view pedigree " )

  L Bar En Fuego ( Reg. No: C988569, Calved: 09/03/14 )

From Isa Beefmasters - En Fuego sired the high-selling bull in the Isa Bull sale three years in a row, including two semen sires, making him one of the top grossing bulls Isa ever raised. This polled sire features transformative EPDs, ranking in the top 1% for both SC and IMF. He is in the top 4% for $M. Sire of donor L Bar 3404 and semen sires L Bar Habanero and L Bar 4519. .

Reg No: C988569 ( " click to view pedigree " )

L Bar enfuego
L BAR En Fuego #C988569
( "click image to enlarge" )

( L Bar 6165 #C935662 x L Bar 5456 #C928492 )

L Bar 4519
L Bar 4519 #C1050589
( "click image to enlarge" )

( L Bar Enfuego #C988569 x L Bar 1417 #C1015382 )

L Bar 4519 ( Reg. No: C1050589, Calved: 9/03/2014 )

From Isa Beefmasters -  The high selling bull in the 2016 Isa Bull Sale in San Angelo. L-Bar 4519 has incredibly balanced EPD's that rank in the top 10% of the breed in 9 out of 12 categories, including the top 1% in carcass, (IMF) and scrotal, (42 cm at sale time).He is moderate in size, powerful and very correct.

4519 also blends in bloodlines from two of Isa's top maternal sires in L Bar Enfuego and L Bar Essential - and we are very excited to be able to utilize his genetics in our A.I. Program.

Reg No: C1050589 ( " click to view pedigree " )

  L Bar Essential ( Reg. No: C954335, Calved: 09/19/07 )

From Isa Beefmasters -L-Bar Essential is an exceptionally thick and clean herdsire that we belive will help bring the qualities we desire to our cow herd.

Out of a top Frenzel herdsire and the L-bar 4454 cow, Essential ranks in the top 15% of the breed for birthweight EPD and is an ultra-high scoring bull in the Igenity DNA profile for Tenderness and Yield Grade. .

Reg No: C054335 ( " click to view pedigree " )

L Bar Essential
L Essential #954335
( "click image to enlarge" )

( Frenzel 93-4 #C919447 x L Bar 4454 #C902362 )

Our Natural Service Bull

K8A- Hector
K8A- Hector #C1082513
( "click image to enlarge" )

K8A- Hector
K8A- Hector #C1082513
( "click image to enlarge" )

( Syzygy #C1048748   x   Siddons #C1072284 )

K8A- Hector ( Reg. No: C1082513, Calved 09-07-17
DNA - # NE00327052 Guld PV )

#K8A -  An easy going bull from some of Beefmaster's top bloodlines, including; Synergy, Red Sugar, Sugar Britches, Bonfire, Prissy Lady, Sugar Pie, and others.
Hector is a natural calf from our #K8 dam that we unfortunately lost a few months after weaning. But Hector is still with us and being utilzed for natural service. He'll eat out of your hand, is very gentle, and pretty nice to work with in the chute, and had the following performance, "without creep" *only CSM with salt limiter in the dry months !

Calf Performance:
bw:   83 ( 09-07-17 )
ww:  618 ( 04-04-18 ),  adj 205 day ww: 668
yw:  *1295 ( * 06-01-19 ), adj 365 day yw: 911
sc:    39.5 ( at 20 mths )

( " Click to view Hector with his mom" )

Reg No: C1082513 ( " click to view pedigree " )

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